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Our Viking Garden Tillers are perfect for clearing old lawns and overgrown Garden areas, ready for replanting. Viking Garden Tillers really take the hard work out of clearing and aiding cultivation with their tried and tested technology. Viking Garden Tillers include the Viking HB 585 Petrol Garden tiller and the Viking HB 445 Petrol Garden Tiller.

The Viking HB 585 Petrol Garden tiller has a 85cm working width, while it’s Anti-Vibration technology makes for smoother and more economical work. Fitted with a forward and reverse gear the HB 585 is incredibly easy to manoeuvre. The HB 585 is certainly one of the top of the range Viking Garden Tillers out on the market at the moment.

The Viking HB 445 Petrol Garden Tiller comes with forward drive and a 45cm working width. With 3 adjustable settings on the handlebars the HB 445 is a very controllable Tiller.

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