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look no further the new stihl cordless mower range is here to stay, offering you a wide range of cordless mower depending on the size of garden in hand form a 33cm cut STIHL RMA 235 cordless mower to the large stihl rma 448tc cordless mower.
With the range of stihl cordless mower you can buy either a push or self propelled cordless mower, the smaller end of the scale offers the use a 36v 118wh battery yet at the other end you get 36volt 227wh heavy duty stihl battery for your cordless mower.
All stihl cordless mowers have a single trigger system that operates the height of cut, which is clear and easy to use.
Buy stihl cordless mowers to get the quality you are used to.

From: £347.50 ex.VAT £417.00 Inc.VAT
From: £357.50 ex.VAT £429.00 Inc.VAT
From: £374.17 ex.VAT £449.00 Inc.VAT
From: £1,239.17 ex.VAT £1,487.00 Inc.VAT