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Batterys and Chargers

Stihl AL 101 charger

£25.00 ex.VAT

Batterys and Chargers

Stihl AK 10 battery

£50.00 ex.VAT

Batterys and Chargers

Stihl AK 20 battery

£71.25 ex.VAT

Cordless Garden Blowers

Stihl Bga45 Cordless blower

£82.50 ex.VAT

Cordless Garden Machinery

Stihl HSA 25 cordless shrub shears

£85.84 ex.VAT
£235.30 ex.VAT

Cordless Garden Machinery

Stihl KMA 130R cordless KombiEngine

£275.00 £241.67 ex.VAT
£245.70 ex.VAT
£303.45 ex.VAT

Cordless Disc Cutters

Stihl TSA 230 Cordless cut off saw

£310.91 ex.VAT

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