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Our range of Stihl Clearing Saws are the ideal way of clearing weeds and other undesirable growth in overgrown Garden and Meadow areas. We have a wide selection of Stihl Clearing Saws available to buy today, including the Stihl FS400 Clearing Saw and the Stihl FS550 Clearing Saw.

The Stihl FS400 Clearing Saw is fitted with many of the features you can expect to find on Stihl Clearing Saws. These include the ElastoStart system for easy and smooth starting, the Stihl Anti-Vibration system and fully adjustable bike handle, ensuring maximum user comfort.

The Stihl FS550 Clearing Saw is perfect for use in heavy Scrub land or Forests. The FS550 comes with a powerful engine capable of delivering 3.8bhp, more than enough to deal with the toughest of weeds and branches. The FS550 certainly is one of our top of the line Stihl Clearing Saws we have in stock at the moment.

We have a wide range of Stihl Clearing Saws available to buy right now!

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