Stihl Chainsaws are always in stock at mowers2go. We have a superb range of Stihl Chainsaws for domestic and commercial users. A favourite of arborist’s is perhaps the Stihl ms201tcm or the smaller stihl ms150tc which comes in a variety of bar sizes 10/12/14 inch. Also for domestic and home use why not check out the admirable Stihl ms181 with 16 inch bar and chain, this stihl series which are priced at just over £200 and outclasses in other chainsaws, in its price range.
If there is one thing Stihl is renowned for, it is it’s Chainsaws. Whatever Stihl Chainsaw you purchase from us, you can be guaranteed a top quality product. Stihl Chainsaws are ideal for the Home user and the Professional Arborist. We have a massive selection of Stihl Chainsaws for you to browse and purchase including the Stihl Petrol Chainsaw MS251C-BE with 18″ Bar, the Stihl MS201T Petrol Chainsaw with 12″ Bar and the Stihl MS362 Chainsaw with 18″ Bar.
The Stihl Petrol Chainsaw MS251 with 18″ Bar is a highly rated model in the Stihl Chainsaws range and it’s not hard to see why. This Chainsaw has a power output of 3.1 kW/4.2 bhp and a power-to-weight ratio of 1.8 kg/kW. Stihl’s vibration absorbing Rapid Super Comfort chain gives the stihl Chainsaw incredibly low vibration levels making it easier to handle and giving you a better cut.

The Stihl MS201T Petrol Chainsaw with 12″ Bar is a new improved version of the MT200t. Meeting new EU emissions targets for 2014, this Stihl Chainsaw gives a higher level of performance than it’s predecessor, with 20% improved fuel consumption and 15% better cutting performance. Just like the MS251C-BE, this saw features Stihl’s Anti-Vibration technology, which is now common place on most Stihl Chainsaws.

The Stihl MS362 Chainsaw with 18″ Bar has a 3.1kW power output and a 1.8 kg/kW power-to-weight ratio, giving it absolutely outstanding performance. Among the many features inherent on this Stihl Chainsaw include the ElastoStart System, the Ematic chain lubrication system and the Single-lever master control. The stihl MS362 is an excellent Chainsaw for professional Arborists, which will last the user a lifetime if well maintained.

Whichever one of our Stihl Chainsaws you pick up from our stihl near norwich norfolk , you will be purchasing a top quality stihl chainsaw product which will last you a very long time indeed!

£147.87 ex.VAT £177.44 Inc.VAT
£154.17 ex.VAT £185.00 Inc.VAT
£160.79 ex.VAT £192.95 Inc.VAT
£164.06 ex.VAT £196.87 Inc.VAT
£187.03 ex.VAT £224.44 Inc.VAT
£190.31 ex.VAT £228.37 Inc.VAT
£192.86 ex.VAT £231.43 Inc.VAT
£193.59 ex.VAT £232.31 Inc.VAT
£206.71 ex.VAT £248.05 Inc.VAT
£210.00 ex.VAT £252.00 Inc.VAT
£210.78 ex.VAT £252.94 Inc.VAT
£213.28 ex.VAT £255.94 Inc.VAT

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