If you are in need of a Brushcutter, then our range of Stihl Brushcutters is for you. We have a massive selection of Stihl Brushcutters for you to pick from. Ideal for trimming lawn borders, getting rid of unsightly weeds or cutting back large overgrown grass areas, our Stihl Brushcutters will take on the task with aplomb. Amongst the range of Stihl Brushcutters we have for sale include the Stihl FS240C-E Petrol Brushcutter, the Stihl FS100 Petrol Brushcutter and the Stihl FS56 Petrol Brushcutter.

The Stihl FS240C-E Petrol Brushcutter is a very durable and robust Brushcutter which features Stihl’s 2-MIX Engine. The 2-MIX Engine is a very fuel efficient and low emission Engine which doesn’t compromise on the power, with a power output on the FS240C-E of 1.7 kW or 2.3 bhp. The light weight nature of the machine means it is easy to manoeuvre around a large garden.

The Stihl FS100 Petrol Brushcutter includes Stihl’s 4-MIX Engine, an innovative 4-stroke Engine which works on a mixture of Petrol and Oil. It gives this Stihl Brushcutter a much higher torque combined with vastly reduced emissions. The FS100 is another incredibly light model in the Stihl Brushcutters range, meaning ease of transport around large gardens. Other features include, Stihl’s Anti-Vibration System, Multi-function control handle and Metal Blade Cutting Heads.

The Stihl FS56 Petrol Brushcutter is one of the Stihl Brushcutters range aimed towards the Home market. The FS56 features great ease of use, along with a new 2-stroke engine which lowers fuel emissions and reduces fuel consumption without compromising power. Along with a great Engine the FS56 packs in a great deal of features for a very affordable price. This Stihl Brushcutter is a firm favourite with us.

Our range of Stihl Brushcutters is second-to-none, so why not browse our selection today!

£122.50 ex.VAT £147.00 Inc.VAT
£133.33 ex.VAT £160.00 Inc.VAT
£241.67 £188.33 ex.VAT £226.00 Inc.VAT
£295.83 £207.49 ex.VAT £248.99 Inc.VAT
£288.75 £248.33 ex.VAT £298.00 Inc.VAT