Our Stihl Augers are ideal for fence hole drilling, for taking soil samples and any other general drilling tasks that you need to accomplish in your garden. Of course you can be guaranteed, that being a Stihl Auger, properly looked after, it will last you a life time. Amongst the Stihl Auger models we have in stock include the Stihl Earth Auger BT360 and the Stihl Earth Auger BT121.

The Stihl Earth Auger BT360 is one of the top of the line models from the Stihl Augers range. The frame is made from a robust plastic and it has a power output from the engine of kW/bhp 3.0/4.1. This Two-Man operated drill comes with Stihl’s patented ElectroStart system, which very cleverly, takes away the shock caused by the compression of the engine during starting. Better for the engine and better for the users muscles and joints. The Stihl Earth Auger BT360 really is a tremendous piece of garden machinery.

The Stihl Earth Auger BT121 is one of the more affordable units of the Stihl Augers range. Ideal for One-Man use, the BT121 has Stihl’s QuickStop drill brake system included, which stops any backward rotation of the drill. A very handy safety feature on any Auger. It also features hip-padding on the side of the unit, making this Stihl Auger very comfortable to use. Stihl have given it a very impressive power output of kW/bhp 1.3/1.8, so the BT121 certainly doesn’t short change you when it comes to power. We highly recommend the Stihl Earth Auger BT121, as one of the best One-Man Augers around at the moment.

You can be sure that when you buy an Auger from the Stihl Augers range you are buying a top quality piece of machinery. These Stihl Augers come highly recommended, so why not have a browse of our selection today!