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Stiga is well known for its ride-on mower range. Built to last, they are reliable, efficient and robust. In addition, their affordable price range of garden tractors make them widely accessible to domestic and commercial users alike. Follow our handy guide to find the perfect Stiga ride-on lawnmower for your needs.

What are the differences between Stiga’s Ride On Mower range?

Stiga Ride On Mower
Stiga Ride On Mower

Stiga has a vast range of ride-on mowers to choose from, and they are all designed for specific tasks.  You’ll find Stiga’s ride-on mowers split into four main ranges:


The e-Ride series is a range of new battery-operated lawn tractors. These are perfect for quieter operation and benefit from producing zero emissions. Furthermore, they built to the same robust specs as their petrol counterparts. With a battery-operated engine, these Stiga lawnmowers are also virtually maintenance-free.


If the area you are looking to mow is a little too much for a walk-behind mower, then the entry-level Stiga Combi ride-on mowers may be the first choice for you. These lawn tractors benefit from being compact, lightweight and highly manoeuvrable. There are currently two versions with the Stiga Combi 1066 HQ offering a dual grass collecting and side discharge system.


Stiga has specifically designed these as a collecting ride on mower with a grass box on the back; these petrol ride-on mowers are fantastic at clearing up grass clippings as you mow.


This range features a side discharge system for dispursing grass clippings as you mow. In addition, most of these Stiga petrol ride-on mowers of the Tornado range will include mulching kits.


If you are looking for something for more professional use, look no further than the Stiga Pro series of ride-on mowers. All of the above ranges come in the luxury pro series, with benefits that can include:

  • Four-wheel drive systems,
  • Smart mowing LCD screen – for highlighting cutting zones for optimum performance,
  • Comfort plus seats and armrests,
  • Honda V type performance engine,
  • Cruise Control.

Which Stiga ride on mower is best?

Choosing a Stiga lawn tractor is down to your needs. We recommend you follow the three simple steps:

  • Petrol or battery operated: Petrol ride on mowers will give you more range, but battery versions are great for small areas and are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Collecting or Side Discharge: If you want a clean lawn after mowing, choose Stiga’s Estate range. For side discharge and mulching abilities, choose Stiga’s Tornado range. For the best of both world’s, the Combi is the right choice for you.
  • Maximum working area: Look at the product specifications to ensure you buy a Stiga ride on mower to go the distance. Anything over 7,500 metres squared, you should be looking at the pro series.

Should you need help deciding, please feel free to call us on 01493 751659. Our experts are ready to advise you on all your mowing needs.

Which Stiga are other customers buying?

Stiga Tornado 7121
Stiga Tornado 7121

The top-selling Stiga ride-on mower this year is the Stiga Tornado 7121 Petrol Garden Tractor. Priced just under £4,000, it’s full of technology and comforts.

This great mower features cruise control, the powers twin-cylinder Honda engine, a Smart 5.5″ display, and boasts a massive 121cm cutting deck.

Furthermore, it’s a side discharge mower with mulching capabilities.