The Stihl Garden Ride on Mowers are ideal for large Gardens and Parkland, Stihl Ride-on Mowers offer an effortless way to manage any large grass area. Stihl Ride-on Mowers are built to the highest of standards and can be operated comfortably for many hours at a time. Some of the best units currently in the STIHL Ride-on Mowers range include the Stihl RT 6127.0 ZL Garden / Lawn Tractor, the STIHL RT 6112 Garden / Lawn Tractor and the STIHL Ride-On Mower RR 4082.

The Stihl RT 6127 ZL Garden Tractor is powered by a twin-engined OHV engine, allowing the RT 6127 ZL to cover an area of around 10000m². The 3 blade mowing deck allows a perfect cut over a 125cm area. The MT 6127 ZL has a 350-litre grass catcher, meaning if you are mowing a large area you will only need to stop occasionally.

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The grass catcher detaches easily for effortless disposal. With a single pedal drive operation and cruise control fitted as standard, the RT 6127 ZL is incredibly easy to drive. Undoubtedly this Ride-on Mower is one of the best in the Stihl Ride-on Mowers range.

The Stihl RT 6112 K Garden / Lawn Tractor is known for it’s easy to handle, comfortable to drive nature. Powered by a 15hp Kawasaki engine, the MT 6112 K is a joy to use. This Viking Ride-on Mower also comes with a 350-litre grass catcher, LCD Display control panel and a 3 blade mowing deck for cutting grass over a 110cm width.

The Stihl Ride-On Mower RT 4082 is an incredibly manoeuvrable and highly comfortable to use the unit in the Stihl Ride-on Mowers collection. Powered by a Briggs and Stratton 13.5hp engine, the Stihl RT 4082 comes with a 250-litre grass catcher, an electromagnetic blade clutch and single pedal wheel drive. The Stihl RT 4082 is an incredible Ride-on Mower for the price!

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