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Cordless Lawn Mowers

Mowing the lawn can be a pleasure if you use the right equipment. Until recently the main options were petrol or electric-powered mowers. Now there’s another choice, cordless lawn mowers that are battery-powered with powerful long-lived lithium-ion batteries.

Mowers2Go stocks a fantastic range of cordless mowers for you to buy online, from all the trusted brands such as: Alko, Cobra, Ego, Masport, Mountfield, Snapper, Stiga and Stihl.

Benefits of a cordless lawn mower
Benefits of a cordless lawn mower

The Benefits of a Cordless Lawn Mower

Cordless lawn mowers have a range of benefits:

  • No extension leads, plugs, or cords required – mow as far away as you like,
  • Straightforward and easy to operate,
  • Quieter than petrol or electric models,
  • Produce none of the emissions that you get with petrol mowers,
  • Fewer moving parts so require much less maintenance,
  • Lightweight and more compact,
  • Easier to manoeuvre and carry.
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There are undoubtedly cost-saving benefits to purchasing a battery-operated mower. You’ll certainly save on yearly maintenance costs compared to petrol models, as the engine is simply an electric motor because there is much less to service.

The upfront cost is much higher than a petrol model, the downside being current prices for the lawnmower’s battery. But this is the most expensive part of the mower itself and will save you a considerable amount in fuel costs.

Cordless Lawnmower Battery
Cordless Lawn Mower Battery

Why are lawnmower batteries so expensive?

The batteries themselves play a crucial role in these cordless lawnmowers’ compact size and their reduced weight. Compared to old-style batteries, they also charge up quickly, hold their charge, and lose power in storage. These higher quality materials to make this happen come at a cost.

What battery should I use with my lawnmower?

Battery power varies from 36 volts up to a whopping 80 volts; this rating determines the cutting power and runtime on a single charge. The battery may well be useable in other tools from the same manufacturer too.

Stihl RMA 448VC Cordless Lawnmower
Stihl RMA 448VC Cordless Lawnmower

How much does a cordless lawn mower cost?

For an entry-level battery operated lawn mower, you’re likely to pay from £200 to £350. Still, you expect to pay £400 to £550 for a medium-range lawnmower and £650 to £950 for the premium models.

Whilst most mowers sell as a bundle, including battery and

charger, this isn’t always the case. You can view all combinations available under the “Add to Basket” button on most of the products. Should you need assistance, phone, chat or email us so we can help advise.

Another thing to check is the length of the warranty, which can be different for the battery and the lawnmower body.

Great! How do I choose a cordless mower that’s right for me?

As a starting point, ensure you choose a cordless lawn mower mowing deck that matches the size of your lawn. For example, a wide cutting width will save you time on a large area. On the other hand, if your garden is small, lower battery power may well suffice. 

Check your mowing duration.

Some models have an eco Power Save mode. In addition, you can use two batteries in tandem on some premium models, allowing you to mow for longer. 

Grass Catcher Box
Grass Catcher Box

What will I do with all that grass?

Another consideration is what to do with the grass clippings. Will you collect them up for disposal, discharge them whole onto the lawn or will you use a mulching function to shred them so they quickly rot down to help fertilize the grass.

Can I still get those stripes?

If you want a striped finish, there’s a minimal choice of cordless lawn mower models, almost all cut by rotary action with a rear roller for that bowling-green effect. It is possible to get a battery-powered cylinder model for this purpose.

Hand or self-propelled mowers?

Another critical choice is between hand-propelled and self-propelled mowers. If you have a large or sloping lawn with rough grass a

the self-propelled model could make mowing easier.

How do you use a cordless lawn mower?

Battery operated mowers work exactly like petrol and electric version, except for how they are powered. It’s as simple as putting a battery in it.

First, charge up the battery by slotting it into the charger then switching it on. An indicator light will show the charging process, which can take anything from 60 to 150 minutes. However, a great thing about lithium-ion batteries is you can use them when only partly charged. Some brands have the option of a fast charger, which takes about half an hour to charge the premium batteries fully.

Once the battery is full of charge, take it out of the charger and slot it into the housing on the mower.

To use comfortably, almost all models have handles that adjust to your height.

You can even set cutting height for the grass, which is typically five to seven options. Most manufacturers will allow this to change through a central lever.

Fit a grass collector if you want to collect the clippings. Cordless lawn mower collectors vary in capacity from 30 to 70 litres, affecting how often you need to stop and empty them. Do also consider the weight of an entire collection bag, mainly if mobility is an issue for you. 

Mulching Function
Mulching Function

If you’re using the mulching function, this works best when the grass is cut regularly and isn’t too long. You chose the mulching mode with the lever; on others, you need to fit a mulching plug.

Get mowing! You are ready to go! Just keep an eye on your charge level. Some cordless lawn mowers have a charge indicator, which shows if your lawnmower is low on power. Otherwise, it will be apparent when the battery needs recharging as the machine will slow down and stop.

Once you’ve finished mowing, unplug the battery and empty the grass collector if you’ve fitted one. Try to get in the habit of charging the battery immediately after cutting the lawn; you can be sure the mower is ready when you next need it.

Finally, store your mower safely away. Many cordless lawn mowers have handles that fold neatly away. Helpfully, many are also light enough to hang up or even fit on a shelf. 

Are cordless lawnmowers safe?

Cordless Mower Handle Set Up
Cordless Mower Handle Set Up

Safety is paramount with any powered garden tool. Fortunately, most cordless lawn mowers have a safety key that needs to be inserted and turned before they’ll start. A beneficial feature if there are small children around. To get the mower going, engage the start button and handle, and you’re off. 

Plus, there are no nasty petrol fumes or emissions, so you can work close to the battery mower for more extended periods – without affecting your health,

Battery modes are also relatively quiet, so there’s no need for safety equipment such as ear defenders. Additionally, there’s less vibration than with petrol-powered machines, so they’re more comfortable to use.

Finally, store your mower safely away. Many cordless lawn mowers have handles that fold neatly away. Helpfully, many are also light enough to hang up or even fit on a shelf. 

Why you should buy a battery-powered mower

Although battery mowers are pretty pricey, their convenience, ease of use and storage can make them an excellent investment. 

Buy a cordless lawn mower where the battery works with other garden tools, and see how quickly you can switch between garden machinery.

Not only will you see your gardening efficiency go up, but it will also be far more enjoyable.

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