A Useful Guide To Assist You In Choosing The Right Mower

Our buyer’s guide to help you choose the appropriate machine for your garden so you can enjoy a wonderful lawn year-round.

The size of your lawn has to be the most essential thing to think about. As a general guide, a large lawn is bigger than a tennis court. A medium lawn is the size of a tennis court. A small lawn is half the size of a tennis court or less.

Depending on your garden, you may have more than one power source to choose from. Whether the power source is fuel, electricity, or a battery, it will have a big effect on how well it works and how much it costs.

Either a hand-pushed or electric lawn mower can be used to cut the grass in a small garden. If you have a lawn that is medium-sized or bigger, you should think about getting a cordless battery type or petrol powered machine.

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Cabled Electric Mowers

Mains-powered lawn mowers are quiet, easy to use, and light, making them perfect for smaller or medium-sized gardens. When purchasing an electric lawn mower, make sure to check the power cords length, to ensure that it is long enough to cover your lawn.

Cordless Mowers

Lawn mowers without cords are also fairly quiet and easy to use. These lawnmowers work efficiently, are simple to operate, require little maintenance, and provide excellent results. Since these mowers don’t create any fumes, they are beneficial to the environment. Due to not needing a cable, cutting the grass offers a much safer experience and makes the whole job easier. Recently, cordless mowers have grown in popularity since the battery may be shared with other machines, reducing lawn expenditures.

Petrol Powered

Petrol-powered lawnmowers are better for large lawns than electric or battery-powered ones because they are usually more powerful. They don’t require cables, but they are typically heavier than electric models, so if weight is an issue, search for self-propelled types.

Basically, the more power, the better the cut and the easier the work. Petrol mowers are also good for larger gardens with uneven or sloping terrain. You can choose a self-propelled model for gardens that are hard to take care of or a roller type if you want your lawn to look more formal. A petrol lawn mower has the highest power and is excellent for lawns with a larger area.

Cylinder Mowers

Cylinder mowers are usually used to cut the classic, high-end lawns because they can give such a good, even cut. Cylinder mowers incorporate a cylinder around which several blades spiral. As the cylinder turns, the grass is pushed between the blades on the cylinder and a straight blade that stays in place. This provides a scissor cutting action, and if your mower blades are in good shape and properly aligned, the cut will be very good.

These work best on lawns that are cut often and less well on lawns that are wet, have longer grass, or have uneven surfaces. Cylinder lawn mowers are optimally suited for flat, consistent, stone-free lawns. If your lawn has a lot of bumps or rough, long grass, you shouldn’t use a cylinder mower because it won’t work well on these types of lawns.

Rotary mowers

Rotary lawn mowers have only one blade that spins at a very high speed and when the blade hits the grass, it cuts it. The grass box, if the mower has one, is usually in the back, and some models let you take it off if you need to. In this range, we have mowers that run on petrol, electricity, or batteries. Most types of lawns and needs can be met with rotary lawnmowers.

Most rotary machines have four wheels, but some have a roller at the back, which makes the stripes you see on many football fields. A mower with a roller is also helpful because you can cut right up to the edge of your lawn. You can get a classic striped lawn with a rotary mower with a roller at the back, but it can also help if your lawn has divots or worm casts by smoothing out the bumps.

Collect or Mulch

Most mowers have a box or bag to hold the grass clippings. How often you have to empty the collector will depend on how big it is. If your hover mower has a big bag full of grass, it might be heavier than you’d like. Emptying the bag often will keep it light.

With many lawn mowers, you can either collect the grass or chop it up into small pieces, or you can do both. Dedicated mulching mowers are the best way to do mulching. These lawn mowers chop up the grass clippings instead of collecting them, and they can do the job about 30% faster than a regular mower. The grass is cut and re-cut into tiny pieces that are then blown down into the base of the turf, where they break down and return precious nutrients to the lawn.

Some lawnmowers are very flexible and can collect grass, throw it out the side, or mulch it. In the past few years, these “3-in-1” lawnmowers have become very popular as you have the choice to either collect, dispose of, or recycle the clippings depending on your needs.

All the above types of lawnmower are available from our site, browse the sections below or send us a message to find your perfect mower.