Trimming and pruning at height made a whole lot safer without a ladder, Long Reach Hedgetrimmers are here to help.

Working from ground level is obviously safer, so if you’re doing hedge care at a height – such as trimming tall hedgerows or shrubs – you’ll need to invest in a long-reach hedgetrimmer.

Benefits of a Long-Reach Hedgetrimmer

The benefits of hedgetrimmers with a long reach are numerous and varied. The most significant feature is that they enable you to trim tall bushes from a safe standing position, eliminating the need for precarious ladders or steps.

As a result, using a long-reach hedgetrimmer reduces the danger of accidents while performing difficult hedge maintenance.

A hedgetrimmer with a long reach will also make difficult cutting tasks more easier. This is because operating from ground level gives you a lot more control over your hedgetrimmer, and many models have articulating trimmer heads that make trimming tops, sides, and other hard-to-reach portions of hedgerows much easier. 

Not Just Helping At Heights

While trimming the lower sections of hedges and shrubs, a long-reach hedgetrimmer can also aid because it allows you to work on regions close to the ground without having to lean down, minimising back strain when working on larger workloads.

The Design

Cutting blades are usually attached to the end of a long shaft, which is occasionally extendable, and an electric or petrol powered unit is attached to the other end. These machines are perfect for safely cutting tall hedges or levelling branches without risking injury.

Furthermore, many long-reach hedge trimmers are compatible with optional pruner attachments, allowing you to transition from cutting hedges to clipping damaged tree limbs and other woody plants with ease.

For Gardeners & Professionals

A long-reach hedge trimmer is even more important for someone doing difficult landscape maintenance work or who has a large and varied garden due to its adaptability.

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