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The future of grass cutting is here with the range of cordless mowers from some of the leading manufactures of cordless mowers, we can currently offer you cordless mower from Stihl, Cobra , Alko.

There is a choice of different model cordless mowers with some model of cordless mower offering four wheeled push model and also now four wheeled self propelled cordless mowers, For the more formal finish there is also roller push cordless mowers. these mowers are normal made with polymer pp decks or pressed steel cutter decks.

Most of the cordless mowers available have a single lever or trigger system to raise the cutting height up and down, few of the model cordless mowers have also now been fitted with a mono handle system making it easier for the user to empty the grass box.

If you want a cordless mower delivered direct to you please feel free to order from our section below. or visit us in store from our shop near Norwich, Norfolk which we have a good section for you to view.

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