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When working in a large garden area, a trailer becomes not just a luxury, but a necessity. Agri Fab Trailers are strong, reliable and built to the highest quality that we’ve all come to expect from the Agri Fab brand. Our Agri Fab Trailers will help you to transport your equipment, soil, plants and garden waste to where they need to be. Amongst the best in the Agri Fab range include the Agri Fab SmartCART 45-0464, the Agri Fab ATV Twin Axle Steel Trailer 45-0350 and the Agri Fab Poly Trailer 45-0175.

The Agri Fab SmartCART 45-0464 is a dump trailer that can carry all different sorts of heavy materials, with a 800lbs/363kg capacity load. Made from vacuum formed poly, this Agri Fab Trailer is incredibly tough and hard wearing. It features a tailgate, meaning that unloading of materials is incredibly simple, while it’s big tyres make transport a breeze.

The Agri Fab ATV Twin Axle Steel Trailer 45-0350, is a heavy duty trailer designed for massive loads. With the ability to carry up to 1,000lb/454kg, this Agri Fab Trailer will deal with most loads easily and effortlessly. While it’s single lever dump release system will make unloading those materials a simple task. The twin axle means that this Agri Fab Trailer can track behind an ATV at a comfortable 20mph. The Agri Fab ATV Twin Axle Steel Trailer really is one of the best trailers on sale at the moment.

Last but not least in our Agri Fab Trailers selection is the Agri Fab Poly Trailer 45-0175. This small but tough ATV trailer is made from a durable poly and is rust resistant. Featuring all terrain pneumatic tyres for ease of transport over difficult ground, it also features a single lever release mechanism for quick and easy dumping. An excellent Agri Fab Trailer for those on a budget.

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