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Yes, you can order with us throughout the Covid-19 lockdown. Delays are highly possible at present. As soon as we recieve the item/s into our warehouse from the manufacturer, we are able to get your order dispatched within 1-3 days. Please read our Covid-19 delivery terms which can be found on every product page.

Alko make some of the highest quality and affordable Scarifiers on the market today. Alko Scarifiers are an excellent tool for helping you to reduce the amount of weeds and dead plants on your lawn. Scarifying your lawn with an Alko also takes away the back breaking work inherent in de-weeding your lawn by hand.

Alko Scarifiers come in either Electric or Petrol configurations. Amongst the best of the Electric Alko Scarifiers are the Comfort 32 VLE and Comfort 38 VLE models, along with the 3600VE and the 3800VE models.

The 32 VLE starts at a very affordable £157, including delivery, and features a high quality 240v Electric motor as well as a 5 stage Aerator or Scarifying drum. It’s a fine example of the new generation of Electric Scarifiers out today.

The 3800VE Alko Scarifier is one of Alko’s top Scarifying models. It is packed full of features including 1500 watts of power, 6 stages of depth and a very generously sized 60 litre thatch catcher.

When it comes to Alko’s Petrol Scarifier range, the consumer is as equally served. Models including the 4000VB, the 3800VB and the 38 VLB, mean the Petrol market is well taken care of.

The 4000VB is one of Alko’s top petrol models at around £559. Coming with 16 specially serrated steel blades, the 4000VB also has a high powered 148cc engine providing an energy output of 2.2kw. More than enough to deal with the toughest of Aerating and Scarifying jobs.

The 38 VLB on the other hand is a great mid-range Scarifier at £328.99. It comes with a fantastic 2 in 1 function for Aerating or Scarifying, while it’s 55L box is more than adequate to collect all of the 38 VLB’s trimmings.

Whichever Alko Scarifier you choose you are guaranteed an affordable, highly durable machine, with that well renowned Alko quality as standard.