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Yes, you can order with us throughout the Covid-19 lockdown. Delays are highly possible at present. As soon as we recieve the item/s into our warehouse from the manufacturer, we are able to get your order dispatched within 1-3 days. Please read our Covid-19 delivery terms which can be found on every product page.

Alko’s range of Log Splitters are ideal for helping you take the hard work out of chopping your wood log pile. Incredibly durable and very affordable, Alko Log Splitters make an ideal addition to anybodies Garden shed.

Alko have an excellent range of Log Splitters including the LHS 6000, LHS 5500, the KHS 5200L and the KHS 3700L. Prices vary across the board, from £744.50 for Alko top model the LHS 6000 to £235 for Alko’s base model the KHS 3700L.

The LHS 6000 is one of the best Log Splitters on the market and fine example of the quality inherent in the Alko brand. It is designed for heavy duty home use, including a quiet, yet incredibly effective 240v/3000 watt electric motor, which produces 6 tonnes of maximum split force. It provides excellent value to any home owner with a large log pile that needs reducing down to a more manageable size. Just down from the LHS 6000, is the LHS 5500, which provides 5.5 tonnes of maximum split force, for those home users who want slightly less power.

The Alko Log Splitter base range includes both the electric powered KHS 5200L and KHS 3700L. The KHS 5200L comes with a 240v/2200 watt motor providing 5 tonnes of split force. It is ideal for the average home user and very affordable, costing just £279. For those looking for something slightly cheaper the KHS 3700L could be for you, coming in at £235 and having a 240v/1500 Watt motor providing 4 tonnes of split force. Both make ideal gifts for the gardening mad person in your family.

Whatever Alko Log Splitter you buy, you are guaranteed an excellent machine with all the high quality that the Alko name brings. Why not check out our range of Alko Log Splitters today.