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Trimming a hedgerow or tree branches can be a very tricky proposition, our range of Alko Hedgetrimmers mean that most of the difficult work has been taken out of it. We have a very affordable range of Alko Hedgetrimmers for gardeners and professionals alike, including the Al-Ko HT 440 Basic Cut Hedge Cutter and the Alko HT550 – Electric Hedge Cutter.

The Alko HT 440 Basic Cut Hedge Cutter is a fine example of the Alko Hedgetrimmer range. Powered by a 440w electric motor and with a 440mm blade, this hedgetrimmer is ideal for your garden hedge lines and for removing stray tree branches.

The HT550 Alko Hedgetrimmer is one of the safest Hedgetrimmers around, featuring an anti-cut safety cable and safety guard which provides protection against the high speed blades. The diamond cut blades will also guarantee an efficient cut for your hedge.

Our Alko Hedgetrimmers are top of the range and ready for you to browse right now!