If you are in need of a portable sprayer for your garden, then our Agri Fab Sprayers are for you. Suitable for either home use or professional, these Agri Fab Sprayers are some of the best around. Our range of Agri Fab Sprayers are solidly built, highly portable and have a large storage capacity. 2 of our best selling Agri Fab Sprayers are the Agri Fab 45-0293 – Tow Behind Sprayer and the Agri Fab 45-0292 – Tow Behind Sprayer.

The Agri Fab 45-0293 – Tow Behind Sprayer has a 25 gallon capacity drum and an output of up to 70 psi / 1.4 gallons per minute. The drum is made from poly meaning it is corrode resistant and the Sprayer has a 12v battery for simple pumping. The whole unit is very easily attached to a garden tractor or ride-on.

The Agri Fab 45-0292 – Tow Behind Sprayer is a more affordable option for those on a budget. Featuring a 15 gallon drum it contains the same 12v battery power and incredibly simple attachability.

If you are serious about gardening spraying then it can only be an Agri Fab Sprayer for you!

£307.50 ex.VAT £369.00 Inc.VAT
£349.17 ex.VAT £419.00 Inc.VAT

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