For those wishing to keep there lawn in the best condition possible, then a spring dethatching is a must. Removing the old matted layers of thatch on your lawn and preparing the ground for new growth. Our Agri Fab Dethatchers are ideal for the job. Built to the high standards we gardening enthusiasts have come to expect from Agri Fab, the Agri Fab Dethatchers are some of the best on the market today. Whether it’s the Agri-Fab 48″ Tow Tine Dethatcher or the Agri-Fab 40″ Tow Tine Dethatcher you will be guaranteed an absolutely top quality product.

The Agri Fab 48” Tow Tine Dethatcher features 24 spring loaded tines. Made from an incredibly strong steel, you can be assured that this Agri Fab Dethatcher will last you a life time. The AgriFab 40″ Tow Tine Dethatcher is a more affordable Agri Fab Dethatcher. Featuring 20 spring loaded tines, semi-pneumatic wheels for ease of movement and a heavy duty tray for extra pressing weight, this model is ideal for all those on a budget.

Our range of Agri Fab Dethatchers are ideal for the home gardener and the professional. Why not examine our collection of Agri-Fab Dethatchers right away!

Aerators, Scarifiers & Dethatchers

Agri-Fab 40 Tow Tine Dethatcher (45-0294)

£95.00 ex.VAT £114.00 Inc.VAT

Aerators, Scarifiers & Dethatchers

Agri-Fab 48 Tow Tine Dethatcher (45-0295)

£120.83 ex.VAT £145.00 Inc.VAT

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