Cub Cadet Frontcut 50 Front Cut Ride-on Lawnmower

£4,239.36 ex.VAT | £5,087.23 inc.Vat

Product Description

The Cub Cadet Front Cut 50 is possibly the most advanced sit-on mower in its class. Its steering-wheel operated Zero Turn technology enables you to turn literally 360 degrees on the spot making this out front riding mower capable of exceptionally fast turn-around times and able to get in and out of extremely tight spots that a machine of this size would never normally be able to access. It’s also great at hugging the very edges of your lawn when mowing along curves or around obstacles such as tree trunks and garden ornaments. With the cutting deck positioned at the front of the mower, the Cub Cadet Front Cut 50 sit-on lawn mower is ideal for mowing underneath bushes and overhanging tree branches saving on the need for additional trimming work. The extra-wide 127 cm (50”) cutting deck is about the largest size you will find on this type of sit-on mower and will enable you to achieve the fastest possible cut rate. The mower will comfortably handle areas well in excess of five acres. The three blades are configured with two at the back and one at the front of the deck ensuring a uniform cut is achieved without the need for timed belts. A spring-assisted 6-position deck adjustment allows you to set the height of cut from the seat with a minimum of effort and time required. Anti-scalp wheels are fitted at the front and roller at the rear ensuring a clean, even cut. There are also a pair of deck-wash nozzles which enable you to keep the underside of the cutting deck clean. This reduces the corrosive effects of grime and prevents the deck becoming clogged up with dead cuttings. The Cub Cadet Front Cut 50 Zero Turn lawn mower is equipped with an extremely reliable and extra powerful 22 hp Kawasaki OHV engine. The twin cylinders produce a nice even distribution of power which places less strain on the engine and so ensuring a longer working life. A large sized 13.25 litre petrol tank enables you to mow for longer without having to stop work to re-fuel. Comfort features are present throughout. The adjustable seat can be set to a suitable position and the high back and arm rests provide additional support. The steering wheel is also adjustable to suit the individual operator and has a soft-touch feel. In addition, the cutting deck can be engaged with a single flick of a switch. For ease of use, a foot operated hydrostatic drive system is featured on the Cub Cadet Front Cut 50 that allows you to automatically vary the speed both forwards and in reverse without the hassle of having to manually change gears. Specifications Blades: 3 blades Brake Type: Parking Brake Cutting Width: 127 cm / 50 Cylinders: 2 Cylinders Engine: Kawasaki Mulch Kit: Standard Power: 22 hp Transmission: Dual Hydrostatic Wash Nozzle: Standard


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