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Alko have built a reputation in recent years for building the highest quality garden machinery and the Alko Shredder range certainly lives up to that reputation. Alko now produce a range of Electric shredders which have given the end user a great deal of power and performance, while at the same time being cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Some of the top performers of the Alko Shredder line include the Silentec 4000 Electric Shredder, the Alko Dynamic Micro Electric Garden Shredder, the Powerline TCS 2500 and the Silent Power 5000 Electric Garden Shredder. The Silentec 4000 Electric Shredder is a new compact gear Shredder and one of the Alko Shredder ranges’ top selling models. It comes with a 230v electric motor delivering 2300w of power. Features include a self feed gear shredding system, which saves the user from feeding the machine by hand. The Silentec 4000 comes in at a very affordable £429, making it one of the best priced Alko Shredders around.The Alko Shredder Dynamic Micro is durable and powerful shredder for those with high shredding demands. Some of the features included on the Dynamic Micro Shredder include an extra large hopper, a garden chippings option and a composting option which will reduce wood chips and branches to fine compost in a matter of moments. The Powerline TCS 2500 is an Alko Shredder ideal for medium to large gardens. It can handle a heavy shredding load, including awkward branches with ease. It is powered by a 240v electric induction engine, producing some 2500 watts of power. It’s dual cutting action is designed to make sure the blades last a life time, while it’s Tandem Cassette System remains sharp ensuring a large amount of shredded material for the compost pile. The Alko Silent Power 5000 Electric Garden Shredder is one of the most innovative Alko Shredders on the market today. The ingenious mechanism in the Silent Power 5000 pulls material through the machine cutting and squashing it silently. It is also a highly portable unit meaning it can be transported easily over long distances. Coming in at £358.99 the Silent Power 5000 also won’t break the bank. Our Alko Shredder range is ideal for your garden, so why not buy an Alko Shredder today.